1) Be able to use SHIBUYA QWS as a main base during the project period

2) Be a group of 3 or more people (applications can be made by 1 representative member of the group)

3) Entry your [quesiton representating your project] in the entry foam.
References:SHIBUYA QWS「Challenge Project」List

Application target

We are looking for a wide range of project teams that challenge undiscovered values.

As long as the project asks an original [question] based on the applicant's own sensibilities and can be carried out while involving various players, there will be no restrictions on the field or scale of the project. Works-in-progress are also welcome.

Application theme

Crossing borders with [questions]

Selection criteria

1) Potential

Does your [question] have the potential to lead to the emergence of undiscovered values?

2) Originality

Is it an original [question] based on your own sensibilities?

3) Specificity

Does your suggested project specifically respond to your [question]?

What you need to apply

Purpose of the project:

"What do you want to challenge?" "Why do you want to challenge it?" "How do you challenge it?" Please describe the contents of the project and your [question].

Project schedule:

Please describe your plan for how to proceed with the project and the period required for project execution.

Project members:

Please include the name and role of each team member involved in the project.

Application Guidelines

Please be sure to check the application guidelines before applying.


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