STYLY Photogrammetry Awards 2019

Create Art with Photogrammetry.

Closed TUE, MAY 21, 2019 - SUN, JUL 21, 2019

Create Art with Photogrammetry

VR Content Award STYLY Photogrammetry Awards 2019

Photogrammetry has drawn public attention in business for measurement purposes and recently, artists have been using it as a tool for creating artwork.

STYLY Photogrammetry Awards aims to promote the use of photogrammetry as a tool for individuals to create artwork and create artists that can express 3D spaces using such approach.

The theme of the STYLY Photogrammetry Awards is to create art with photogrammetry.

The stage for the award is STYLY, a platform that enables the design and transmission of VR spaces by the combination of the creative media such as 3DCG, photography, video, and music.

This spin-off award for the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019 is held by STYLY, PARCO, and Loftwork. Artwork submitted to this award may also be submitted to the NEWVIEW AWARDS 2019.


STYLY is a creative VR platform that provides a space for artists to express themselves. Creators can let their imagination fly and build various spaces with STYLY, such as conceptual shops and installations, and galleries.

In addition, creators can share unique and innovative experiences on the Internet through such space.

STYLY features

Just focus on designing VR spaces

STYLY takes care of everything else. No engineers needed for painful programming tasks. All you need is just a web browser and your imagination. Cloud technology gives you the power of VR expression.

Bring your work from your favorite software

STYLY supports various types of data format and services. Your 3D works will be more attractive in a VR space. STYLY may change your photos, videos, or music into new VR artworks. You can also remix contents from a Poly-3D model library or Youtube with an integrated interface.

Supports all major VR HMDs

You only need one click to distribute your work to all major VR HMDs as well as your websites for a browser preview. Your work will be converted for both high-end and standalone mobile VR HMDs. Say goodbye to non-creative tasks, such as adjusting devices or controller differences and implementing common basic features.


About the Prize(s)

  • Judges award

  • Looking Glass award

  • STYLY award



Review Criteria

Support, Sponsorship




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