The theme is “New Mobility” for after coronavirus.

NewHere PRIZE, the special prize of YouFab2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has urged each and every one of us to live a new lifestyle as lockdowns and social distancing in major cities around the world has restrained our conventional ways of living.

This has had a huge impact on our ‘mobility’ today.

As we are now becoming more aware of ‘mobility’ experiences, it has become an important subject to discuss today. Now, we must consider how to monitor and deal with not only the overload of information regarding travel, but also how to handle records of each individual, the vehicles that carry us, services that induce and aid us to travel, and the spaces people are traveling to, for it all to be accustomed for our current situation.

How should the future of ‘mobility’ be updated, in order to realize a society in which the individuality of all people are respected, connected, enriched and trusted?

NewHere PRIZE is calling for ideas and creations that question the value and possibilties of ‘mobility’ under this year’s theme “Contactless(by default)”

*NewHere PRIZE is a part of NewHere project seeking new ‘mobility’ services as experiences, from a user-centred approach.

What is NewHere Project?

NewHere project seeks new ‘mobility’ service experiences from a user-centred approach by looking at new possible values and meanings of ‘mobility’.

The goal of the project is, with an unconventional approach, to realize enjoyable and rich societies and cities, through ‘mobility’.

We believe that we can discover the pains and needs in which cities and the people have but not yet solved, by reframing ‘mobility’ from new perspectives of our lifestyle and culture.

By looking at these ‘trivial pains’, we explore new values and possibilities of ‘mobility’, through backcasting. We aim to design and implement a new value of ‘mobility’ for the city and the people who live in it, for the people who work, for those who have emotional attachments to the city, and for the people who come visit, weaving time and behaviours of each individual.

NewHere Project aims to realize a new form of ‘mobility’ to update our lifestyle and culture through repeating trial and error.

*NewHere Project is run by Mobility Innovation Consortium, East Japan Railway Company(JR East) and Loftwork Inc.


・Chiaki Hayashi(Loftwork Inc)

・Isao Sato (from NewHere Project)

*Additional judges will be announced in August.


  • It is important you propose a new form of ‘mobility’ in the context of ‘Post COVID-19’.
  • Please make sure ur judges can imagine how your work will be implemented in our society.
  • We look for works that trigger people’s desire to want to use or interact with it.


YouFab is category-free. All genres are accepted for submission.

We also welcome works in progress, as well as prototypes. In this case, we will base our evaluation on the way it has endeavored, as well as its future potential. Works that have already been published or released are also encouraged, and may it be working solo, as a group or business, we will leave that up to you.


Reward :1000USD (1 winner)

Other:An invitation to the awards ceremony (location TBA), as well as an opportunity to meet the NewHere Project team

*The copyright of the work belongs to the author


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