YouFab is an award run by FabCafe since 2012, which first began as a competition for creators to simply come together.

We aim to build an influential community of creators, by building a platform that connects the creators directly with society.

We seek works that reflect upon current events that affect our world today, looking at how bridges are connected between various elements such as the environment, the society, the economy, and the political, with design.

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Contactless(by default)

As the pandemic continues, we have seen the world undergo sever urban blockades, as well as social distancing, which has forced sudden changes to our social systems and personal lifestyles. At YouFab this year, we focus on seeking designs that bestow richness in humanity and physicality in this new situation, as well as those that present actual experiences, in a world where being contactless is stronger by default.

The YouFab2020 Special Prize "New Here Prize"

The YouFab2020 Special Prize "New Here Prize" will be calling for works under the theme of "New Mobility", which is based on the theme "Contactless (by default)" of YouFab2020.

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YouFab Global Creative Awards 2020 Entry information


YouFab is category-free. All genres are accepted for submission.

We also welcome works in progress, as well as prototypes. In this case, we will base our evaluation on the way it has endeavored, as well as its future potential. Works that have already been published or released are also encouraged, and may it be working solo, as a group or business, we will leave that up to you.

Selection Criteria

YouFab2020 looks for the most innovative, engaging, and meaningful designs among other criterias, from around the world, that uniquely implements and communicates clear messages that challenge the existing norms.

By innovative, we mean how you are thinking outside of the box, as well as how ambitious and creative you are with your design. We want to see how you are connecting bridges between various elements such as the environment, the society, the economy, and the political, with design. For example, what types of materials are you incorporating, and why? How are you creatively identifying your answer or reaction to the topic?

By engaging, we mean how you are engaging the audience's imagination to reflect upon current events to understand our world today. How does your design open minds to speculate about our future? How does your design help your audience feel both independent and connected with society?

By meaningful, we mean the story you are executing, through your design. We want to know how and why you incorporated the messages behind your design, to understand the existing norms you are trying to challenge. What are you trying to say or do through your design? How are you as a designer and artist, connect the purpose and significance of your design with the audience?

The selection criteria are as follows:

  • Degree of innovation
  • Emotional engagement with audience of message conveyed
  • Level of creative interpretation of the theme
  • Overall quality of experience design
  • The open-mindedness communicated in the spirit of "Fab"

About the Prize(s)

  • Grand Prize

  • First Prize

  • Student Prize

  • Special Prize

  • Finalist


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