YouFab Global Creative Awards 2021

YouFab Global Creative Awards 2021

Results SUN, AUG 01, 2021 - SUN, OCT 31, 2021

Panasonic PRIZE, the special prize of YouFab2021

For the YouFab2021 Special Award "Panasonic Award", we will seek works that hope to improve the society and our lives under the theme "Democratic experiment(s)."

About Panasonic ?

Under our brand slogan, "A Better Life, A Better World," which embodies our management philosophy of "contributing to the development of society through business," we work with various partners to expand our business in diverse domains. Through our business, we aim to continue to make significant contributions to the realization of ideal lifestyles and societies, and to the resolution of global social issues such as global environmental protection.


・Tatsuo Ogawa(Panasonic Corporation)

・Ariane Koek(Creative Director, Strategic Consultant, Producer/Curator and Writer
Arts Science Techology)

・Chiaki Hayashi(Loftwork Inc.)

*Additional judges will be announced in August.


The Panasonic PRIZE is based on the following:

・Is it multifaceted, envision the changes in the future and have the potential for diffusion within the society?
・Does it inspire the stakeholders and their sensibilities, and draw out their potential?
・Does it include ideas that will improve society and our lives, and foster a global culture?


YouFab is category-free. All genres are accepted for submission.

We also welcome works in progress, as well as prototypes. In this case, we will base our evaluation on the way it has endeavored, as well as its future potential. Works that have already been published or released are also encouraged, and may it be working solo, as a group or business, we will leave that up to you.


Reward :1000USD (1 winner)

Other:An invitation to the awards ceremony (location TBA), as well as an opportunity to meet the NewHere Project team

*The copyright of the work belongs to the author


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