YouFab Global Creative Awards 2021

YouFab Global Creative Awards 2021

Results SUN, AUG 01, 2021 - SUN, OCT 31, 2021

YouFab is an award run by FabCafe since 2012, which first began as a competition for creators to simply come together.

We aim to build an influential community of creators, by building a platform that connects the creators directly with society.

We seek works that reflect upon current events that affect our world today, looking at how bridges are connected between various elements such as the environment, the society, the economy, and the political, with design.

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Democratic experiment(s)

Who are the stakeholders in the creation you make? We look forward to works that attempt to engage in dialogues that transcend the boundaries of species, space, and time. Direct dialogue may not be possible with some stakeholders. Hence we are also excited to see experiments in communication methods that seek how to interact with such beings. It does not have to be a universal solution, so please give us the best solution you can derive from your locality. We do not limit the format of the work ― it can be furniture, food, architecture, vehicles, communities, or services.

The YouFab2021 Special Prize "Panasonic Prize"

For the YouFab2021 Special Award "Panasonic Award", we will seek works that hope to improve the society and our lives under the theme "Democratic experiment(s)."

Learn more about "Panasonic Prize"

YouFab Global Creative Awards 2021 Entry information


YouFab is category-free. All genres are accepted for submission.

We also welcome works in progress, as well as prototypes. In this case, we will base our evaluation on the way it has endeavored, as well as its future potential. Works that have already been published or released are also encouraged, and may it be working solo, as a group or business, we will leave that up to you.

Selection Criteria

YouFab is looking for ideas that are innovative, imaginative, and have a thought-provoking message.

Does your work draw out innovative ideas through a deep dialogue with the materials or beings involved (humans, animals, plants, fungi, minerals, the dead, etc.)? We expect works that have elements that not only connect to their own perspectives of the world, but also to the society, such as the environment, social issues, economics and politics.

We want to see to what extent your work can spark and stimulate people’s imagination to understand the world today, and to reflect what is happening now. Can your work remove our preconception and allow us to imagine and speculate the future? How well will your design let people feel that we are both independent but connected to society at the same time?

What is the message you want to convey through your idea?
How did you incorporate the message behind it, and what rules or systems do you want to improve through your idea? How are you trying to deliver the purpose and value of your work to society?

The following are the judging criteria:

  • Is it innovative?
  • Is it aware of the audience?
  • What is the quality of the experience?
  • How is the theme interpreted?
  • Does it hold the “Fab” spirit and is it open-minded?

    About the Prize(s)

    • Grand Prize

    • First Prize

    • Student Prize

    • Special Prize

    • Finalist




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