YouFab Global Creative Awards 2017

Show us how you ROCK IT! Calling for creative works that transcends and combines the digital and physical realms.

Reports TUE, AUG 01, 2017 - TUE, OCT 31, 2017

“Fab = creativity that transcends and combines the digital and physical realms” .

YouFab Global Creative Awards celebrating the sixth this year. It recognizes globally and celebrates creative works and inventions that stem from powerful collaborations between digital and physical fabrication.

We are calling for entrants from all over the world to show us how you nail the art of fabrication. We want to challenge the idea of sensible, defying sound judgement and “hack” common sense.

We’ve got a glittering array of judges for the Awards this year. Our head judge is Hiroya Tanaka, Professor at Keio University. Also we are welcoming Shiho Fukuhara (bio artist), Julia Cassim from KYOTO Design Lab. and Mitchell Joachim from NYU and more.

The entry period is from August 1 to October 31. You can submit entries of creative works that have already been made public. We’re looking forward to seeing what you submit this year!

YouFab Global Creative Awards 2017YouFab Global Creative Awards 2017 Entry Info


Submissions should be creative experiments, works and inventions that stem from powerful collaborations between digital and physical fabrications. These submissions can encompass physical products, art, architecture, or intangible projects such as performing arts, events, workshops and experiments.

A condition of entry is that the submitted work be in its completed/operational form created with digital fabrication tools and are not left in its conceptual phase of the design plan or proposal. Submissions can be something that has already been launched, or yet to be unveiled.

Award overview

Award name

YouFab Global Creative Awards 2017

Application target

From products, art, and architecture to projects such as performance art and workshops, experiments, activities, and works born from the collaboration between “digital” and “physical manufacturing” are targeted. The entry condition is that it is completed, implemented, and operated as a concrete object using a digital machine tool, etc., not at the planning stage such as a plan document or a design drawing. You can also apply for works that have already been announced.


General department

Anyone regardless of age or nationality can apply. You can also apply for a corporation.

Student department

Only those who are currently enrolled in a university or vocational school at the time of application. Any age or nationality is acceptable.


YouFab2017 will have a special award "HAPTIC DESIGN Award" by the HAPTIC DESIGN project. If you have a work that leads to “Haptic”, you can apply for the special prize at the same time as the normal application.


Hiroya Tanaka

Professor at Keio University, Representative of SFC Social Fabrication   Lab

Mitchell Joachim  

Co-founder, Terreform ONE Professor at NYU

Cléo Huet

Product designer, Professor at Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin (HEAR)

Julia Cassim

Professor at KYOTO Design Lab Kyoto Institute of Technology

Shiho Fukuhara

Artist, Co-Founder, BCL / CEO, Poiesis Labs

About the Prize(s)

  • Grand Prix

  • Associate Grand Prix

  • Student category award

  • General department reward

  • Special reward

  • Winning


Support, Sponsorship

Special cooperation

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