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Global Goals Jam Mexico and Ibero America 2020

Re Acción 2030 We are an accelerator laboratory for Sustainable Solutions, based on the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Local Actions with Global Impacts # Design2030Now!

What we offer?
The Global Goals Jam Mexico and Latin America, is a 3-day online event, October 28, 29 and 30, 2020.

With flexible and agile schedules for collaborative participation in multidisciplinary teams that work remotely using the digital applications of ZOOM / WHATSAPP / MIRO.

Involves the key sectors of the 2030 Agenda: Public, Private, social and Academia Summoning creators and designers of sustainable solutions Connecting Civil Society Organizations and the Academy, to contribute, sharing their ideas, embodied in canvases that use the lean method, in a process that uses the SCRUM-SPRINT framework.

In our sustainable solutions design workshop, you learn to think globally with a long-term vision, acting from the local, in the short term.

More than an event, we are a network of cities and organizations that are excited to engage their communities to create real impact for the Global Goals.

Remote Work and Benefits

By participating in the GGJ México Iberoamérica, do you gain knowledge of how to design sustainable solutions in your area? You learn to identify the priority Sustainable Development Goals, for you and your family. Using a framework for agile interactions, we will integrate our participations as a team in canvases that guide the ideation process until we reach a low-scale conversational prototype, such as a Minimum Viable Product.

Do not miss the opportunity to obtain an international certificate endorsed by the United Nations Development Program UNDP, signed by the creatives of Global Goals Jam from the School of Digital Society based in Amsterdam. The certificate currently has a value in the European market of 50 euros.

To "Leave No One Behind"

With the aim of strengthening the capacities and abilities of HIGHER AND HIGHER, public and private education institutions, as well as Civil Society Organizations, this workshop is totally FREE!
We decided to expand the scope of the Global Goals Jam Sustainable Tabasco, convening the key sectors and actors in Mexico and Latin America.

Thanks to the collaborations of our founding key allies:

Dr. Luis Andrés Pampillón Ponce, Director of the IV Regional Committee of CONALMEX - UNESCO South Southeast of Mexico. Key institution for Mexico-UNESCO cooperation in the 9 states that make up the South-Southeast Region. Institutional link here:

Maria del Carmen Copes, Executive Director of Code R International. International Facilitator of Sustainable Development. Institutional link here:

Mtro. Mario Quezada Maldonado Undersecretary of Political Development of the State of Mexico, through the General Directorate of social participation of the Government of the State of Mexico. Personal account link here:

Mtro. Salvador Herrera Toledano General Director. National Technology of Mexico Campus Álvaro Obregón CDMx. Institutional link here:

Natalia Carbonell Solbes International Coordinator of the ODS International Network of Promoters (RIPO) Campaign. Institutional link here:

Avina Foundation. They collaborate in the south (Latin America and Africa), in line with the 2030 agenda of the United Nations, promoting innovations in favor of caring for the planet and the well-being of people. Institutional link here:

Solges Consulting. Provides specialized technical support solutions.
Cable Sur Comalcalco, Tabasco. Cable Sur is working in Cable TV and Satellite TV activities.

MDO Tamara Quiroz Guzman President of the Research Group and Academy of the Constituent Group Associated with the World Urban Campaign of ON Hábitat. Director of the Monarka Reading Room 13 Link to personal account here:

Thinkers Urbanas Delicias-South Central Region.

Monkey Studio Films.

Ethno Trail Events.
Re Acción 2030, SDG´s Innovation Hub in Mexico.

We summon managers and teachers from higher and upper secondary education institutions, as well as Civil Society Organizations to participate in the design workshop based on two challenges:

1.- Education for everyone.
2.- Innovation and Technology from the TecNM.
3.- Nature and Climate Change.