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ぐるぐるRadish 「捨てる」を「生かす」に変える、宅配型サーキュラーエコノミー



“GURUGURU* Radish" is a project to promote the circular economy that Radish Boya, a home delivery brand established in 1988, will launch on October 17, 2022. In addition to existing initiatives, the project aims to root and expand the circular economy in people's daily lives by developing a variety of circulation services that provide more people with a point of contact for participation.
In order to make our circular initiatives sustainable and comprehensive, we will develop them around the following "three cycles".

●Regenerative: "Circulation of dried resources," in which household food scraps are returned to the fields of producers engaged in environmentally friendly agriculture; "Circulation of tableware," in which waste tableware is used as recycled ceramic clay; and "Circulation of clothing," in which unwanted clothing is converted into recycled fiber.
● Circular: Consumables such as detergents and paper products are provided using recycled and upcycled raw materials, and products that are biodegradable after wastewater is discharged.
●Reuse & Repair: Reuse packaging materials and provide maintenance services such as "knife sharpening" and "whole bedding washing.

*GURUGURU is a Japanese onomatopoeia that describes the movement of a circulation or spiral.