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おもちゃから生まれた腕時計「YOT WATCH」

名前は「YOT WATCH」。資源を巡らせ、 時計の針をぐるりと前へ、そして想いを巡らせながら、優しい時間を、コツコツ刻もう。TOYをぐるりとひっくり返して、YOTへ。
YOT WATCH は子供達が遊んでいたおもちゃを原料にした、リサイクル樹脂からできています。使い終えたおもちゃを生まれ変わらせ、新たな価値として、初めて身に着ける時計とし、

A watch is called “YOT WATCH”.
Let your thought fly around, let the resources turn around, and let the watch hands go around. Let the time tick over leisurely.
YOT is TOY spelled backwards.
YOT WATCH is made from recycled resin reclaimed from kids’ toys.
Kids play with toys, but those toys will eventually be discarded. Discarded toys are collected, turned back into raw materials, and remade into our watches.
We hope it will be a good oppotunity to learn the concept of recycling and think about the global environment for both kids and their parents.
With your kids, grandpa, grandma…, synchronizing your watches with your family members is fun. Feel connected!