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mizzen is a bag brand created by a boatbuilder who, seeing the yearly waste created by discarded sails, brought forth a challenge to re-use the sails in a way that would produce net-negative waste, go beyond upcycling, and form a brand that reflects the joy of exploring the Setouchi islands.

So, together with like-minded designers, videographers, editors, and marketers, the mizzen project was launched to give the sail canvas a second meaningful life while creating jobs in the local economy.

From its inception, the goal was to create a product that could establish net-negative waste, go beyond upcycling, and create a brand that reflected the joy of exploring the islands.

mizzen, a type of sail, is small compared to other sails, but it is an integral part of maintaining the balance of the entire yacht. Although we may start with bags, the real mission is to promote ideas and create value through waste reduction in a way that is attractive and sustainable. In addition, by using local talent for material procurement, product manufacturing, branding, and sales, our success will naturally reflect the revitalization of the islands.