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A Circular System of Small Actions

“A Circular System of Small Actions”とは、普段の何気ない ”環境に良い小さな行動”により、節約できたお金を貯めることによって、貯めたお金をご褒美として好きなことに使うことができるシステムです。

“A Circular System of Small Actions" is a system that allows people to save money by taking small actions that are good for the environment, and then spend the saved money on whatever they want as a reward.





"We can address a variety of environmental problems on our system platform."
A system (application) will be developed in collaboration with financial institutions to convert the amount of money assumed to have been saved as a result of activities addressing environmental problems, and then transfer that amount from individual regular accounts at financial institutions to purpose-specific accounts and save the money.
Environmental problems other than those presented below can also be addressed by utilizing this system platform.

"Food waste Problem."
After reading and converting the discounted amounts from receipts, the discounted amounts will be transferred from the individual's regular account at the financial institution to a purpose-built account for savings.

"Air Pollution Problem."
After converting the cost of gasoline when traveling by car from the distance traveled by public transportation, the difference between the cost of transportation and the cost of gasoline is transferred from the individual's ordinary account at the financial institution to a separate account for the purpose of saving.

"Global Warming Problem."
Based on the difference between the outside temperature and the set indoor temperature, we convert the electricity cost assumed to have been saved, and then transfer and save the amount saved from our personal ordinary account at the financial institution to a purpose-built account.