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EVERTIRE INITIATIVE 「タイヤがタイヤに生まれ変わる未来の実現」

EVERTIRE INITIATIVEとは、タイヤをタイヤに生まれ変わらせ、資源として循環させ続けるために様々なパートナーとともに共創し、リサイクル事業を確立していくための取り組みです。『使い終わったタイヤを、Everな(常に・いつも・永遠に続く)タイヤへ』という思いを込めてEVERTIRE INITIATIVEと名付けました。
使用済タイヤの資源化、タイヤ廃棄・材料調達時のCO₂削減への貢献、サーキュラーエコノミー実現による石化由来原材料の消費量・廃棄物の削減、原材料調達多様化によるコスト上昇リスクの低減など、自社のリソースのみで解決策を具体化することが難しかったこれらの課題に対し、使用済タイヤの回収、材料化、製品化、製造、流通に至るまで幅広いパートナーとの共創体制を確立するための取り組みをEVERTIRE INITIATIVEのもとで進めます。
当社グループは2050年以降を見据えた環境長期目標で、製品の原材料の「100%サステナブルマテリアル化」を掲げており、マイルストン2030において「2030年までに再生資源または再生可能資源に由来する原材料の比率※を40%に向上する」ことを目指しています。この目標の達成に向けてEVERTIRE INITIATIVEのもとで様々なパートナーとの取り組みを進めています。

EVERTIRE INITIATIVE is an approach to establish a recycling business by co-creating with various partners to circulate tires into tires and continue recycling them as resources. We named the project "EVERTIRE INITIATIVE" with the idea of "turning end-of-life tires into EVER tires".
As a leading company in the tire and rubber industry, we need to solve the issues of reducing CO₂ emissions and improving resource circularity by realizing our sustainable business framework concept and building a new tire recycling business, as global demand for tires is expected to grow.
Solutions for these issues (e.g. recycling end-of-life tires as resource, contributing to CO₂ reduction at the time of tire disposal and material procurement, reducing consumption and waste of petrochemical-derived raw materials, and reducing the risk of cost increases through diversification of raw material procurement) have been difficult to materialize only with our own resources. Therefore, we will work to establish a co-creation system with a wide range of partners to collect used tires, convert them into materials, commercialize, manufacture, and distribute them under the EVERTIRE INITIATIVE,.
In our long-term environmental target for 2050 and beyond, we have set a goal of "100% sustainable materialization" of raw materials for our products, and in Milestone 2030, we aim to "increase the ratio of raw materials derived from recycled or renewable resources* to 40% by 2030. We are working with various partners under EVERTIRE INITIATIVE to achieve this goal.
*Ratio to the total raw material weight of tires, including platform tires for retreads(components other than tread rubber)