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Bottle cap GACHA Machine ~ ペットボトルキャップを通貨代わりに循環するオープンソースガチャガチャシステムとその実戦 ~ | ottle Cap Capsule Toy Machine Open-source capsule toy system that circulates plastic bottle caps as currency

Bottle cap GACHA Machineは、





Bottle Cap Capsule Toy Machine is an open-sourced machine that people can play with a single bottle cap.

The items are all made from recycled bottle caps collected in the community, and visitors can get one item in exchange for one plastic bottle cap.
Today the machines are placed in various locations, including Fablab Hiroshima, local fairs, and office trash cans, to make trash collection a playful experience that encourages people to think about recycling.

All the data and production methods necessary to create the machine are open to the public, with the aim of expanding the circle of people enjoying recycling.
The materials and parts to build the machine are also limited to those that are easy to obtain and can be easily made by using a nearby FAB space.