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We are a research community looking to provide new options for industry sustainability possibilities in Nagoya. Aichi Prefecture, where Nagoya is located, is one of the leading industrial prefectures in Japan. This also contributes to a large amount of – and variety of – industrial waste materials. To realize a more sustainable society, we believe there could be potential values to be re-discovered from these seemingly “ waste materials” by either combining or changing its form via re-fabrication.

Current studies on industry waste materials are either in individual small scales or with single material mostly. Therefore, we wish to establish an archive to expand the needs of re-discovering with new fabrications and combinations from these industry’s waste materials to support further possibilities in utilizing waste materials for new products.

Through this archive of RE-FABRICATION-LAB, we believe it can act as a new way to connect both local makers/designers and waste materials to form a community that focuses on up-cycling. This can be a new way to support sustainable innovation.

Rising to this challenge, we founded “CYCLE PROJECT," a research community based in Nagoya to share information and find new ways to fabricate and up-cycle local industrial waste materials. We work alongside academic professionals, community leaders, and industry experts to archive and share the re-discover new potential values in industry’s waste materials and forming communities for up-cycling.