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“Our vision is to realize a scheme where architecture can be made without creating any waste.”
The production of architecture is essentially a one-off affair. As no two pieces of land or environments are precisely the same, every building is a one-of-a-kind product. Therefore, it is challenging to produce a building without a surplus of materials. However, due to structural problems in the construction industry, more materials are thrown away than we think. HUB&STOCK is a project to rescue and reuse materials produced more than what is actually needed.
The process of this circularization starts from collecting unused materials from construction sights and out of date materials from suppliers. The main point of this is to “buy” all these materials as they are not trash yet. Once the materials are collected HUB&STOCK will manage them within their own data system so that consumers can buy them at a low cost. Consumers consists from a wide range; from mega companies to individual DIY users. This means that this project is open for anybody who is willing to use and rescue these products. Unless if the consumers will not consider them as a choice, the materials all have a destiny to be thrown away.
HUB&STOCK is a win-win situation for the environment, the economy and the building industry, and may well bring a new culture of “resource circularization” to the building industry.