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Decentralised community-scale BSF farm as a tool to regenerate the urban ecosystem

アメリカミズアブ (以下メリアブ)は我々や産業が排出する食品廃棄物や様々な有機性廃棄物を既存の微生物やミミズなど他の生物を利用するどの処理方法よりも効率よく、早く、安全にかつ少ない温室効果ガスの排出によって経済価値のある最終生成物に変換することのできる益虫です。




The Black Soldier Fly (BSF) is a beneficial insect that can convert food waste and various organic wastes generated from our cities into economically valuable end-products.
BSF technology is more efficient and generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than any other microbial or worm-based organic waste treatment process.

With increasing industrial application worldwide as an alternative protein source to current non-sustainable animal feed and pet food, BSF is the most promising sustainable technology for organic waste treatment and protein production.

However, it is crucial to understand that they are essentially one of the decomposers of organic material in the ecosystem, producing biological resources that become living soil and maintaining ecological balance.
We believe by making the best use of their capabilities, we could tackle the problems of the destructive impact of urbanisation and current food systems on the global ecosystems that are leading causes of the climate crisis through a community-based approach.

We propose developing a community-scale regenerative circular system to support and enhance the urban environment's resilience and well-being of people and the ecosystem.
By harnessing BSF's unique ability, we can transform the urban environment into a functional ecosystem that uses food waste as a feed source to produce BSF-derived end-products and use it as a resource to restore and regenerate our urban ecosystem.