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Textile Story

This set of work is inspired by traditional Thai fabric patterns that have its own unique characteristics. The patterns vary in size i.e. small, medium, large, and in shades of colour, but are woven into one single piece of fabric that are delicately design with interesting details. In the process of making, same patterns of traditional Thai textile that are symmetrical are embroidered and sewn into one piece of fabric. This results in the mixture of patterns that vary in size and spacing, some are specially adapted but are based on the traditional Thai textile. The animation of the textile represents hidden story behind it, regardless of the ancient of time that the patterns are created, they are portrayed and represented through time, culture, traditions, and beliefs. The moment the audience sees it then is similar to watching a motion picture or a film that are developed from the interwoven of textile, with the rhythmic creation that portrays stories through traditional Thai textile patterns. Apart from representing the beautiful story of traditional textile and bring it to life again, the exhibition also presents new perspectives to the audience, to let them question the surroundings whether or not there are hidden message, and tells you that our eyes can perceive and sense a lot more than we know.

この作品は、フィルムの代わりに織物を使用する映写機に触発された。 この作品では、美しい伝統的なタイの織物模様を使用している。その模様は整然とデザインされて縫われており複雑で、それぞれのラインで模様のサイズが対称に、すべて同じ間隔で配置されている。このようなパターンの対称性はアニメーションの作成に使われる。視覚の永続性により、脳が動画として認識するまで高速で静止画像を入れ替えるという技術だ。 観客はこの作品を、アニメーションか、織物を作る過程でうまれた映画を見ているかのように認識し、伝統的なタイの織物模様の裏側に物語が織り込まれているように思うだろう。