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In recent years, plastic disposable has become a social problem. Manufacturers are pursuing 3D printing methods for reusable plastic products.

BlowFab is rapid digital fabrication technology to create hard inflatable products in a short time, which combines laser cutting and blow molding techniques.
The people create adhesive areas and inflatable areas by engraving and cutting multilayered plastic sheets using a laser cutter. These adhesive areas are fused automatically by overlapping two crafted sheets and softening them with a heater. The people can then create prototypes by injecting air. Objects can be bent in any direction by cutting incisions or engraving a resistant resin. The user can create uneven textures by engraving a pattern with a heat-resistant film.

These techniques can be used for prototyping various strong inflatable objects such as a foldable furniture, a container, toys, and devices. The finished prototype is strong and can be collapsed readily for storage when not required.