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1.What is an ONLINE Review?

It is judging conducted on a website. Judges invited from the judges invitation page can grade from their own PCs and smartphones. The judging method can be selected from two types: “POINT(0〜10)” and “PASS/FAIL” depending on the settings of the organizer. The organizer must conduct a preliminary screening for the judging process. Under the PRO Plan, ONLINE Review can be conducted from the first to the third screening. Under the FREE Plan, it can be used until the first screening. The name and profiles of the online judge can be displayed if specified.

2.Can the organizer review online?

Yes. Organizers and organizing members can automatically use the judging functions.

3.Can anyone become an ONLINE Review?

Anyone can become an online judge if the organizer sends an invitation email from “My AWRD editor” and the recipients follow the recommended process. It is not necessary for the online judge to register as an AWRD member. In addition, one of the key points for the award would be the party conducting the judging. Therefore, please invite judges who are suitable for the project.

*Under the ENTERPRISE plan, judges can be assigned. Click here for details →

4.Can a general vote be conducted?

Yes. If an online review period has been set, it is possible to do so during that period. During the screening period, anyone can vote using the VOTE function. (To use VOTE, you need to register for an account with AWRD.)

5.How do I set up an ONLINE Review?

Register the judge’s information from the “Judge” screen of My AWRD editor, and send an email for an “ONLINE Review” invitation to the registered email address.

6.The entries are not displayed on the judging screen.

Before the reviewing begins, it is necessary for the organizer to select the entries. Please select entries that you would like judged from the "Works" of My AWRD editor.

7.Are there any tips regarding the setting of the judging period?

ONLINE Review can be conducted from the first to third screening. It is recommended to include an adjustment period (selection period for submissions to proceed to the next judging) between judgings when there are more than two judgings. Check if the judges have completed their review, and encourage them to do so if they have not done so. Recommended reviewing schedule Eg: First screening from start to end, three day adjustment period (selection of entries), second screening from start to end, three day adjustment period (selection of entries), third screening from start to end.

8.What should I do when conducting an offline review (meeting)?

An ONLINE Review is not necessary. As such, there is no issue if you do not use the online judging function and you can perform the judging in a simple manner.