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With AWRD, companies, schools and local governments can call for ideas, host online lectures, develop products, and even host global competitions.

AWRD is an online platform that shares information on creative competitions and hackathons and is hosted by Loftwork.

The talented Loftwork team, who have an extensive array of experience in planning and hosting awards, will support you every step of the way as you roll out your various projects.

Fully leverage AWRD for various purposes, such as discovering talent, developing products, and taking your project global via the AWRD network.

Four Reasons to Leverage AWRD for Your Business

Past examples

※The following are excerpts. They are mainly for Loftwork’s plans.

Partner development for new business development『YouFab Global Creative Awards 2017 Yamaha Award』

Award sponsor: Yamaha Corporation

#New business #Product #development #Design #Art

Our objective is to create a contact point for excellent design and art talent around the world, and acquire joint development partners while exploring Yamaha's new business theme. We selected works with Yamaha's unique theme, and produced prototypes with the winners and Yamaha's development theme. This was presented at the awards ceremony.

Rediscover the charm of the area with creators『USIO Design Project』

Organizer: Ishigaki City

#Local activities #sightseeing

Along with the opening of Ishigaki Airport, we aim to rebrand Ishigaki Island as a whole. In our first year, we implemented and used open recruitment for the redesign of specialty products as the theme and introduced the tale of the island's special products and their makers. In the second year, we made a public offering for trips, and in the third year, we created a website and booklets to inform people in both Japan and abroad about the "the essence of Ishigaki Island" that we discovered through this project 

Upcyling that gives new value to wood waste + product development + talent discovery『10,000 creators meet PASS THE BATON』


#UPCYCLE #Product development

We are openly recruiting for designs and ideas for development of upcycled products that makes use of B items from companies, or materials generated by manufacturing processes. While commercializing outstanding works together with various creators, we verified the processes, and disseminated the learnings and results.

Discover global talent and open up the future『YouFab Global Creative Awards』


#Global #Innovation #Design

"YouFab Global Creative Awards" are awards that evaluate and recognize creations and inventions born from the sophisticated collaboration of digital and physical fabrication, and was started in 2012. We select a wide range of projects, activities, works from all over the world in areas including products, art, architecture, performance arts, and workshops. We are a global project that delivers a lot of talent. 

Ideathon for thinking about the future of experiences『Lifestyle in the year 2045』

Organizer:Loftwork, Sponsorship:AXA Life Insurance

#Service design #New business

Implemented as part of Loftwork's event series. In the ideathon carried out with sponsorship from AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd., ideas regarding the experiences, services and products to be pursued 30 years into the future are outputted in story form. We have prototyped the future products that make up that story. 

Making concepts of new products『OPC Hack & Make Project』

Organizer:Olympus Corporation

#New business

Our project uses open Olympus technology to cultivate new photographic experiences alongside developers, creators, and users. We launched this project from before the release of open platform camera OLYMPUS AIR, and released the prototype SDK and general 3D data. Through hackathons and events at FabCafe, we created a community, and new photographic experiences have been proposed.

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