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/Open, inclusive solutions
to deepening social issues

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What you can do with AWRD

Use the AWRD platform to solve your workplace challenges.

for the planet

Approach the SDGs,
ESG, and other challenges that
have no clear solution.


Find solutions with the perspective of 30,000+ creators

Our services include:
- Concept creation/ planning
- Global project research
- Promotion
- Assigning domestic and international trailblazers
  • - Basic consortium framework established
  • - Gathering of like-minded creators resulted in prototyping
more higher

Solve team vision impasses with a breath of fresh air.


Solving challenges with awards and hackathons

Our services include:
- Concept creation/planning
- Assigning judges and sales market experts
- Sales market field research
- Exhibitions for created products
  • - Drove new product and service developments
  • - Outside viewpoints incorporated into R&D
  • - Creators became partners

Share the strengths of your product or region.


Finding solutions as a PR platform

Our services include:
- Design for themes/PR channels
- Selection of design partners
- Online communication design
- Product development
  • - Getting businesses’ strengths recognized and collaborating with third parties

Promote globally and
create new networks.


Access support from
global locations to find solutions

Our services include:
- Core creator research
- Hands-on workshop hosting
- Opening schools abroad
- Exhibition design/production
  • - Expanding awareness of services
  • - Establishing a global, collaborative community of creators

What is AWRD?

Everything centralized online,
from entry to results announcements.

AWRD (pronounced ‘award’) is an entry-focused platform that supports open collaboration for businesses of all sizes, from startups to major corporations. Even inexperienced individuals will find it easy to be part of the process, and reductions in cost are sure to follow!

How AWRD works

The organizer rewards
participants with recognition,
prize money, and partner contracts


I need global ideas and
new partners!

  • Monthly fee + Options
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Open collaboration platform

The organizer rewards
participants with recognition,
prize money, and partner contracts


Receive creations and ideas

  • illustrators
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Directors
  • Scientists
  • XR Artists
  • Movie Creators
A global network of
30,000+ creators

Try AWRD for “free”

Why not first try out AWRD?
Functions and time periods are limited, with options such as 1-day hackathons or ideathons. Submission period is capped at 3 days, but this trial is perfect for a targeted, small-scale approach!

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