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Möbiusschleife: Beyond the Bounds of a Closed-Loop VR System

Today the concept of VR is no longer a daydream only in SF novels, but known as a practical system in reality.
Actually many kind of head-mounted displays (HMD) and gadgets for attempting to realize the VR world have been developed for the last 60 years since the world's 1st HMD was launched, especially, Oculus Rift created by Palmer Luckey in 2010 brought a huge impact and breakthrough for VR research and development because it coped with high-resolution, trackability and more affordable cost that even small companies or individual developers can reach it.
As a result, now large number of VR devices have been developed and VR contents are still increasing.
Some people act a virtual character for playing VR contents, live streaming, or performing in an online stage or even a concert hall in the real world,
which is quite interesting to expect a new possibility of interaction between the physical and the digital world.
Therefore we have been researching and developing interaction methods and systems between the VR and the real world.
Here we introduce one of our research projects "Möbiusschleife" providing bidirectional interaction between the VR and the real world through the flat screen.

Möbiusschleife: Beyond the Bounds of a VR System.

The sight of the VR player and a game scene shown on another flat display.

Interaction from the real world through the display.

VR avatar jumping into the real world.