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Last year we had 219 works from 7 different countries as entries. NEWVIEW, a project/community that cultivates designs based off of new and creative expressions and experiences using a 3D space, will be hosting its second "NEWVIEW AWARDS", a VR contents award in the fields of Fashion/Culture/Arts. The awards' theme is "DESIGN YOUR ULTRA EXPERIENCE". The production software for the works will be "STYLY"(, a platform that allows anyone to easily create VR contents. We are looking forward to the ambitious attempts at newly expanding expressions and experiences on the VR scene !

See the works of NEWVIEW AWARDS 2018


Please read the APPLICATION RULES before submitting. You will receive a confirmation email when your application is completed.



We are calling for VR content works in the fields of fashion, culture and art that utilize the creative VR platform STYLY. Submissions that use additional tools in the production process, such as 3DCG, game engine, DAW, etc., are permitted however all submission must be made through the STYLY platform. Works that have already been announced may also apply.



Entry period

・Application period:July 1, 2019 (Monday), 12:00PM (noon)-September 30, 2019 (Monday), 12:00PM (noon)(Japan time).

・Initial screening results announcement:October,2019

・Finalist works exhibition:November,2019-December,2019

 Venue:SHIBUYA PARCO(Grand opening in November,2019)

・Finalist Result Announcement:December,2019


Entry is open to the public, including individuals, groups, and/or companies. Submitting an entry is free of charge. Multiple entries are also permitted.

Application rules

Please check all APPLICATION RULES before submitting.

Entry methods

Please check HOW TO ENTER before submitting.


Entry period

July 1, 2019 (Monday),12:00PM (noon) - September 30, 2019 (Monday), 12:00PM (noon)(Japan time).

Initial screening results announcement(40 finalist works scheduled to be selected)

October, 2019

Finalist works exhibition

Late November-December, 2019

Venue: Shibuya PARCO (grand opening in late November)

Final Results Announcement

December, 2019


Nemu Yumemi / Yumeminemu store shop assistant ・ character producer  

Handling the design and production of various characters such as Tanukyun. Her activities cover such as video directing, writing screenplays, writing columns, and writing song lyrics.

▶︎ Graduate of Tama Art University
▶︎ Graduate of Dempagumi.Inc

Keiichi Matsuda / Designer ・ Film-maker  

Keiichi Matsuda is a future-facing designer and film-maker. His work has been widely exhibited, from London's V&A Museum to New York's MoMA, as well as attaining viral success online. He has gained a cult following from acclaimed short films such as HYPER-REALITY, which picked up many awards including Vimeo’s “best drama of the year” in 2016. Next Reality named Keiichi as a top AR influencer, while he was serving as Leap Motion’s VP Design in 2018. Keiichi sees design as a tool for exploring the future of technology and culture. Whether working through narrative film or concept interaction design for XR, his focus is to define a new vision for reality, that exists at the intersection of virtual and physical.

Nick DenBoer / Video Artist  

Nick is a video artist based in Toronto Canada. He has developed a unique brand of VFX comedy, combining video remix and animation techniques to create surreal and often absurd videos. Nick honed his skills working as a writer and bit creator for Conan O’Brien producing and remixing popular culture segments for the show. His groundbreaking short film “The Chickening” (a poultry-infused remix of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”) graced the screens of TIFF and Sundance. Nick’s unmistakable style has found a home in many productions. He has directed and produced ads for Old Spice and KFC, music videos and tour visuals for deadmau5 & Flying Lotus, countless TV shows, films, web and VR projects. Nick has carved out a career through remixing and repurposing existing footage to produce new and sometimes ridiculous creations.

Lu Yang / Artist  

Lu Yang is a Shanghai-based multi-media artist, who graduated from the New Media Art Department of the China Academy of Art an. Deeply immersed in the subcultures of anime, video games, and Science-Fiction, the output of her artistic practice spans 3D-animated films, video game, installations, holograms, neon, VR and software manipulation, often with overt pop culture, manga and anime references. Lu Yang has created unique fantasies highlighting the fragility of humankind. Departing from Buddhist teachings that propagate a genderless society, she exploits her own images as a vehicle to reproduce asexual visions of herself. Her work was displayed in exhibitions at Centre Pompidou, Paris; M Woods, Beijing; Shanghai Biennale; and Athens Biennale.

Keng-Ming Liu / Founder and Creative Director of Bito 

As the creator of the videos for Summer Universiade, the Golden Melody Awards and the Golden Pin Award, Liu’s visual excellence and original Asian perspective have attracted global attention. Under his leadership, Bito won two ADC awards. In recent years, Liu has worked on multidisciplinary experiments and hopes to redefine the relationship between motion design and humans.

Mitsuru Kuramoto / Broadcast writer  

Works on many television programs including "Downtown DX," "M-1 Gran Prix," "Urasawa Naoki no Manpen", "Ah!! to Sakebu Art Ah!!rt," and the NHK Educational TV children's program, "Shakin!" In the past has worked on "Downtown no Gottsu Ee Kanji," "Itouke no Shokutaku," "Takeshi no Banbutsu Souseiki," "EX Terebi," and more. As an author has written "Kotoba Ehon Ashita no Karuta," "Kuramoto Mitsuru no Cho Kokugo Jiten," and "Warairon 24 Jikan wo Omoroshiku Suru."

Sou Ootsuki / Filmmaker ・ director  

He produces works with a "pop" combining a diverse set of production techniques and "inspiration from diagonally above." His core activities lie in commercial video production including music videos and advertising, and in recent years has found a forte in pixel art videography. His recent works include music videos for the tracks “Tatakau Senshitachi e Ai o Komete” by Southern All Stars (2019 Japan Media Arts Festival jury selection) and "Yatara to Synchronicity" by YUKI, and the UNIQLO "UT x STREET FIGHTER" ad. His best-known original creation is the "Silly Running" series (2011 Japan Media Arts Festival jury selection). Together with Ian Shimizu he runs the "NEWW" creative team that specializes in environmental issues.

Keisuke Toyoda / Architect ・ noiz

Keisuke Toyoda, noiz founding partner, holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from The University of Tokyo (1996), in addition to Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (2002). Work experience includes Tadao Ando Architect & Associates (Osaka, 1996-2000), SHoP Architects (New York, 2002-2006). Keisuke Toyoda founded noiz / architecture, design & planning with Jia-Shuan Tsai in 2007, based in both Tokyo and Taipei (Added Kosuke Sakai as noiz Partner from 2016). Currently holding an adjunct professorship at National Chiao-Tung University (Taiwan), part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts Art Media Center. lecturer at Digital design studio in University of Tokyo school of architecture, and part-time lecturer at Keio University SFC.

Akihiko Taniguchi / Artist  

Media Arts course lecturer at the Tama Art University Department of Information Design. His artwork has been presented in various forms, such as media art, net art, film, and sculpture. His main exhibitions include "[Internet Art Future] -- Post-Internet Reality" (ICC, 2012) and "SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2016" (Seoul Art Museum, 2016), and his solo exhibitions include "board ooze out" (GALLERY MIDORI. SO, Tokyo, 2015) and "Hyper・Here・Now" (CALM & PUNK GALLERY, Tokyo, 2017).



Single Highest Ranking Work / 20,000USD


3 Works / 5,000USD

KMNZ PRIZE / 1 work

KMNZ PRIZE is a collaboration right that uses VTuber's girls HIP HOP unit “KMNZ (Kemonozu)” as a delivery image and 2D art wearing costume design as various images.
Credited as a collaboration writer, it is also used for promotion.
In addition, the award-winning works of this PRIZE are as follows.
A. Street-like VR space design that matches KMNZ's sense of world
※ Live house, club, streetscape etc
B. KMNZ costume design with the theme of the near future street
※Applicable works include costume designs for characters you want to put on KMNZ using VRoid, CLO, etc.

KMNZ(Kemonozu) Team /  Virtual girls unit

KMNZ (Kemonozu) is a virtual girls duo consisting of LITA and LIZ, co-produced by Ficty and Wright Flyer Live Entertainment (WFLE). KMNZ has been active on a number of major stages since its inception in June last year. Their original songs, including “VR”, are loved together on the stage and are evolving.


In Hideki Matsutake Award (HIDEKI MATSUTAKE PRIZE), the collaboration with the synthesizer sound created by the musician / synthesizer programmer / producer, Hideki Matsutake gives the right to co-create the original VR content.The completed content can be publicized in the music industry and culture industry.Like KMNZ PRIZE, this is also an award for creators to expand their field of activity.

Hideki Matsutake / Synthesizer Programmer・Composition・Producer

Born in Yokohama in 1951. At the Osaka Expo in 1970, he listened to "Switched on Bach", which was played by combining a synthesizer and a computer, and has great interest in the new field.As an assistant to Isao Tomita from the age of 20, he has been playing pioneering music activities by manipulating "Moog Synthesizer" which was only a few in Japan at that time.As a leader of "Moog Synthesizer Programmer" after independence, he has participated in countless recordings such as rock, pop, animation and CM, and has supported the famous music.From 1977 to 1982, he participated in numerous legendary recordings of YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA and accompanied the world tour.At the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival, we will be honored with our achievements so far and receive the Achievement Awards.

PARCO PRIZE / 1 work

If you get the PARCO PRIZE, you will create 3D works tied up with PARCO and will be entitled to exhibit at AR PARCO Shibuya PARCO. PARCO supports creators by providing the opportunity to send out the creations created in this project in a realistic place. The Shibuya PARCO, scheduled for grand opening in late November 2019, is planning to exhibit the installation work of VR space designer Discont, who won the PARCO award in NEWVIEW AWARD 2018, and is currently working on it. The winners of this PRIZE, like Discont, have the opportunity to show their work at Shibuya PARCO.


PARCO develops related businesses such as entertainment business like shopping center business which develops and operates commercial facilities. Since Ikebukuro PARCO opening in 1969, we actively introduce not only fashion but also culture of the leading edge such as music, art and theater, suggest new lifestyle. PARCO functions as a place of creation for many people with new talents, we create new value that society sympathizes with. [photo ©2019, Takenaka Corporation]

Media Ambition Tokyo PRIZE / 1 work

You will be entitled to exhibit work in the real showcase "Media Ambition Tokyo", which implements the cutting edge technology culture in an urban way with an experimental approach. You can show off your own creations at a festival that shows the potential of technology that will create the future from Tokyo to the world.

Ou Sugiyama / MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM General Manager ・ MEDIA AMBITION TOKYO Administrator

Joined Mori Building Co., Ltd. in 2000. After working in the Town Management Division and Urban Development Headquarters, he produced Roppongi Hills cultural projects in Mori Arts Center. The General Manager of "MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless", which opened in Odaiba in June 2006. MEDIA AMBITION TOKYO Administrator.



· Novelty/Originality : Is there novelty or a uniqueness that has not been previously found in other VR content?

· Experience :Does the design shine in terms of its overall experience? 

· Impact : Does it have sizeable impact on the fields of fashion, music and art?

Selection Process

The NEWVIEW Award Executive Committee will proceed with the initial screening and select finalists based on the submitted documents and photos. The judges will conduct the final review and decide the prize winners from the selected finalists.





Media Partners



STYLY is a cloud-based service for creating high quality, beautiful VR spaces that doesn’t require coding. By using STYLY, creators can express their imaginations indefinitely and build a variety of virtual spaces. Through these spaces, we can share experiences that cannot be realized in the real world.

STYLY Official Site:

For STYLY content production support, you can ask questions in the STYLY user group.

STYLY User group:


Just focus on designing VR spaces

Drag & Drop No need to code.
STYLY takes care of everything else. No engineers needed for painful programming tasks. All you need is just a web browser and your imagination. Cloud technology gives you the power of VR expression.

Bring your work from your favorite software

Import FROM More than 10 platforms.
STYLY supports various types of data format and services. Your 3D works will be more attractive in a VR space. STYLY may change your photos, videos, or music into new VR artworks. You can also remix contents from a Poly-3D model library or Youtube with an integrated interface.

Supports all major VR HMDs

Experience your space in VR.
You only need one click to distribute your work to all major VR HMDs as well as your websites for a browser preview. Your work will be converted for both high-end and standalone mobile VR HMDs. Say goodbye to non-creative tasks, such as adjusting devices or controller differences and implementing common basic features.


Please read the APPLICATION RULES before submitting. You will receive a confirmation email when your application is completed.

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