The fourth edition of the XR Content Awards in the fashion/culture/art field. This year's theme is "POST REALITY AND NO NORMAL".

Results TUE, AUG 10, 2021 - MON, NOV 01, 2021

Media Ambition Tokyo Prize:1 Work

“Media Ambition Tokyo" is a real-life showcase that implements cutting-edge technology culture with an experimental approach to the city. The work selected for the "Media Ambition Tokyo Prize" will be exhibited at the next "Media Ambition Tokyo". This is a festival that presents the possibilities of future-creating technology from Tokyo to the world, and allows you to showcase your own creations.

Nreal PRIZE:1 Work

Winner of the Nreal Prize has

・the right to exhibit their winning work at Nreal's upcoming exhibitions such as Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world's largest mobile-related exhibition, and Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest technology trade show.

・the right to be selected on a priority basis for various large scale commercial projects that Nreal is working on with partners including global carriers.

※The Nreal PRIZE is for AR works that can be experienced with STYLY for Nreal or STYLY Mobile ,an app for NrealLight, and will be judged and selected by Nreal, the owner of the prize.

STYLY for Nreal:

GooglePlay |

STYLY Mobile:

Google Play |

App Store |

※Please refer to these manuals for more information on creating AR works with STYLY and Nreal.

- STYLY for Nreal Manual



- Manuals about STYLY:



GIZMODO Prize:1 Work

Gizmodo JAPAN is one of the largest tech media in Japan, introducing the latest gadgets and tech news, as well as cutting-edge art, games, music and other entertainment. The GIZMODO Prize provides you with the right to exhibit your work for a limited time in a space provided by Gizmodo JAPAN


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