The fourth edition of the XR Content Awards in the fashion/culture/art field. This year's theme is "POST REALITY AND NO NORMAL".

Results TUE, AUG 10, 2021 - MON, NOV 01, 2021

What is STYLY?

The principal XR designing platform for the NEWVIEW AWARDS is STYLY developed by Psychic VR Lab. It is a VR/AR/MR creative platform that provides artists with a space to express themselves.

By using STYLY, you can create conceptual shop spaces, installations, galleries, exhibits, and other diverse spaces that express the imagination of the creator without limit. Through these virtual spaces, you can share out of this world experiences with just your web browser.

STYLY Official Site:

We are currently accepting service and technical questions about STYLY, and bug reports at the following STYLY FORUM.



Focus on Designing Your XR Works

All you need is a web browser and your imagination and you can create your own XR creations. Let STYLY take care of the hard work. You don't need an expensive VR-ready PC or programming skills. Your work can be distributed to popular XR devices using STYLY's cloud technology.

Update your work to XR  

STYLY supports many file formats and integrates seamlessly with numerous creative softwares. Your 3DCG creations are more appealing to your audience when creating in XR. Your photos, videos, and music can be quickly and easily transformed into new works of art. STYLY Studio can also search and use footage from YouTube or data from the Poly 3D model-sharing site.

Support for all major XR devices  

Delivery to XR devices is just one click away. Automatically converted and delivered to formats for smartphones & tablets, high-end VR devices, standalone VR devices, and PC web browsing, so you don't have to worry about modifying or optimizing your work for a specific device or controller.


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