Short Review Awards ―"Pratthana - A Portrait of Possession"

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Closed WED, JUN 26, 2019 - MON, JUL 08, 2019

Short Review Awards ―"Pratthana - A Portrait of Possession" Entry Agreement

Application Agreement

Respondents must review these terms carefully before submitting to the short review text collection (hereinafter: the award) put together by "Pratthana – A Portrait of Possession" (hereinafter: award organizer). By submitting to this project, the respondent has agreed to the contents of these terms.

1. How to submit

This award uses the award platform system "AWRD" (hereinafter: AWRD) operated by Loftwork Inc. to collect submissions.

2. About the copyright

The copyright of the work produced by the respondent belongs to the respondent. However, the respondent recognizes that the award organizer and Loftwork Inc. may reproduce and publish the work for publicity with the permission of the respondent.

3. About recording

The respondent recognizes that the award organizer and Loftwork Inc. may record and publish photos, videos, audio, and other information within the project, including prior events, to promote the award. The scope of the publication includes internet media (website, SNS, blogs, etc.) and outside media (newspapers, television, magazines, WEB news, etc.) of the award organizer and Loftwork Inc.

4. Handling of personal information

The respondent permits their personal information (personal information entered in the target award submission form and the prior event submission form) to be shared with the award organizer and platform operator Loftwork Inc.

5. Notes

5-1. Prohibited items

Any conduct that violates Japanese laws and international laws is prohibited. Any conduct that causes physical or emotional injury to a third party, defames the character of a third party, or infringes on the rights of a third party is prohibited. Any conduct that violates public order and morality is also prohibited.

5-2. Disclaimers

・Submissions that do not comply with the submission method specified in the submission guidelines will be excluded from the submission acceptance and selection process.

・We cannot respond to all inquiries regarding the selection status or results from respondents. ・Please refrain from making personal inquiries to the judges. Please direct inquiries about this award here >>


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