About AWRD

Q. What is AWRD?

A. AWRD is an online application service operated by Loftwork Inc. Click here for details.

Q. Is AWRD membership registration free?

A. Yes. It is free.

About application candidates

Q. Are there any requirements for application?

A. A group of 3 or more people is required. (The application can be made by 1 representative member.)

Q. Is it possible to apply as a company?

A. Yes.

Q. Is it possible to add or change members after entry?

A. Yes, it is possible. Please inform the organizers of any such changes after selection.

About the project

Q. What does term "project" mean?

A. "A plan to create an output that asks something of the world". There is no limitation on the format of the output, such as exhibitions, talk events, performances, work presentations, and study groups.

Q. The requirements include "Be able to use SHIBUYA QWS as a main base during the project period". Can I still participate even if I am employed at a company?

A. You can participate even if you are enrolled in an organization such as a university, company, or NPO. However, for the purposes of the project execution, please use QWS as a base as much as you can.

Q. Does "looking for project teams that challenge undiscovered values" mean "projects that can continue in the medium to long term after a project period of up to 3 months"? Or are you looking for a project that can be completed in a maximum of 3 months?

A. Projects that challenge undiscovered values and inspire the world do not necessarily have to be completed in 3 months.

Q. "Project progress plan: Please describe the period required for project execution." Does this "period required for project execution" refer to the period from preparation to completion?

A. The period required for project execution refers to the period you intend to use QWS. Please describe what you will do during that period. Also, if you do have a plan for the entire period from preparation to completion, it would be even better if you include that as well.

Q. Are there any final product regulations?

A. As long as it is implemented and distributed to society, there are no restrictions on the format of final products, such as exhibitions, talk events, performances, work presentations, and study groups. However, since SHIBUYA QWS is a place to challenge undiscovered values, we expect the final product to allow people from outside the project to participate in an open manner rather than a finalized product such as a written report.

Q. Is it possible to extend if the project period exceeds 3 months?

A. If you exceed 3 months, you will be able to continue to use the project space at a discounted price available to project members.

About the project space

Q. What kind of equipment is available in the project space?

A. Laser cutter, 3D printer, UV printer, plotter, printer, whiteboard, chairs, movable tables and lockers (separate contract required) etc. are available.

Q. I want to carry out activities that produce sound. Do you have soundproofing equipment?

A. There are no soundproofing facilities. If the sound produced will not disturb surrounding tenants, such as heavy bass at night, we can be flexible and make an arrangement based on consultation.

Q. Can I carry out work that cause mess or odor, such as painting work?

A. We can be flexible and make arrangements based on consultation.

Q. What kind of electrical equipment do you have?

A. There is Wi-Fi and 200W power supply. Other electrical equipment can be provided as needed.

Q. Are there any periods or times when the project space will not be available?

A. In principle, project members can use the project space at any time during SHIBUYA QWS business hours. In addition, there may be occasions when it is not available, such as when an event in being held.




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