RISO Lovers MAKEATHON vol. 02, [Photography] to Riso Lovers across the globe

A makeathon with the goal of pursuing techniques that utilize the risograph printing method! A trend has been building up secretly in small riso studios across the world. This is for everyone who loves the Risograph.

Closed WED, JUL 11, 2018 - SUN, SEP 30, 2018

RISO Lovers MAKEATHON vol. 02, [Photography] to Riso Lovers across the globe Entry Agreement

This project was completed.

Terms & Conditions
"RISO Lovers MAKEATHON vol.2 [photography]" Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read this agreement before applying to the RISO Lovers MAKEATHON vol.2 [photography] award, sponsored by HandSawPress (henceforth "the sponsor"). By submitting a piece to this contest, you agree to these terms and conditions. This agreement is also a part of the AWRD User Agreement that must be upheld by anyone using the services we provide on Please carefully read the AWRD User Agreement. By applying for this award, you agree to the terms laid out in the AWRD User Agreement.

1. How to Enter
This award uses Loftwork Inc.'s AWRD award platform (henceforth AWRD) to accept entries online. To enter, you must create an AWRD account (free). Every applicant must follow the terms of this agreement in their piece and application.

2. Copyright
The submitted work's copyright will be retained by the applicant. However, by entering, you give Loftwork and the sponsor permission to use the piece in publicly available images to advertise the award.

3. Points of Attention
3-1. Prohibited Activities
• When applying, all forms of fraud are banned.
• Only pieces that you have created by yourself are allowed. When using a third party's intellectual property (art, photos, fonts, etc.), you must gain permission from the holder of the relevant copyright/publicity right. If it is discovered that you have used material in breach of the rights of another party, you will be immediately disqualified. Loftwork and the sponsor assume no responsibility in the event that a third party seeks compensation for damages or breach of copyright by the applicant/sponsor.
• All actions that violate Japanese or international law are banned. Infliction of physical/mental harm, defamation, and any other actions that violate any of the rights of another are forbidden. Any actions that violate public order and morals are also forbidden.

3-2. Disclaimer
• Applications that do not conform to the method and requirements outlined in this agreement may be removed from consideration for the award.

4. How We Handle Personal Information
By applying for this award, you agree to share personal information (the information you put on the award application form) with the award sponsor and Loftwork Inc., the company managing the platform. Loftwork handles personal information in accordance with their privacy policy; by entering this competition, you agree to have your information managed according to the terms of this privacy policy.

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