Shirokane Gochome Award vol. 3 - Art category accepting entries- Accepting entries of art works and projects to present at OFS Gallery!

A total of three awards with KIGI (Ryosuke Uehara and Yoshie Watanabe) as judges. The chance to be displayed at gallery & shop “OUR FAVOURITE SHOP”! Sending the new potential of artists from Shirokane Gochome to the world!

Closed FRI, JUL 13, 2018 - WED, AUG 15, 2018

Shirokane Gochome Award vol. 3 - Art category accepting entries- Accepting entries of art works and projects to present at OFS Gallery! Entry Agreement

“Shirokane Gochome Award” rules of entry

Before entering the OUR FAVOURITE SHOP Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “the Host”) “Shirokane Gochome Award” (hereafter, “the Award”), entrants must read the following rules. By entering a work to this project, entrants are agreeing to the contents of these rules.

1. How to enter

This award uses the system of the “AWRD” award platform (hereafter, “AWRD”) managed by Loftwork Inc. to accept works online. AWRD account registration (free) is required for entry. Entrants must submit the items detailed in the entry requirements and follow the entry procedure.

2. Copyright

The copyright of works entered returns to the entrant. However, by entering a work, the entrant agrees to the host or Loftwork Inc. copying, editing, or publishing said works for the purposes of advertising this award without the express permission of the entrant.

3. Points of consideration

3-1 Prohibitions

•All forms of copyright infringement through entries is prohibited.

•Entries must be completely original works. Use of materials (artworks, photographs, fonts, etc.) authored by third parties in entries is permitted only if the entrant has received permission from the copyright/publicity rights owner. If use of materials that infringes on the rights of a third party is discovered, the applicable work(s) will be immediately removed from consideration for selection. Furthermore, the host and Loftwork Inc. accept no responsibility in the event that a third party claims copyright infringement or damages against the entrant or the host.

•All acts that violate domestic Japanese laws and international laws are prohibited. Acts that cause physical or mental damage to a third party, acts that injure a third party’s reputation, and any and all acts that infringe on the rights of a third party are prohibited. Furthermore, all acts that are contrary to public order and morality are prohibited.

3-2 Disclaimers

•Works that were submitted in violation of the entry procedure or which do not meet the necessary specifications detailed in the entry requirements will be removed from consideration for judgment.

•If none of the works entered is deemed deserving of an award, judgment may end in no winner.

•We shall not respond to any inquiries from entrants regarding the judgment conditions or results.

•All possible efforts are taken when handling entered works, but in the unfortunate event of loss or damages during transport, the host may not be liable.

4. Handling of personal information
Entrants agree to sharing their personal information (information entered to the relevant award entry form) with the award host and the platform operator Loftwork Inc.

April 2018


Contact information
Inquiries regarding this award are typically accepted by email.
Please refrain from coming directly to OUR FAVOURITE SHOP in person or making contact via telephone.



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