Shirokane Gochome Award vol. 3 - Art category accepting entries- Accepting entries of art works and projects to present at OFS Gallery!

A total of three awards with KIGI (Ryosuke Uehara and Yoshie Watanabe) as judges. The chance to be displayed at gallery & shop “OUR FAVOURITE SHOP”! Sending the new potential of artists from Shirokane Gochome to the world!

Closed FRI, JUL 13, 2018 - WED, AUG 15, 2018

Entry requirements

After primary judgment by KIGI, the works will be judged by the commentator and IZU PHOTO MUSEUM Director, Koko Okano. The best works will have the chance to be displayed at OFS Gallery and events.

■ Who can enter

People working as artists and people who create artworks (There is no limit on genres, but it must be possible to display or present the work at OFS Gallery.)

*People submitting plans for works that have yet to be made must submit plans for works that can be displayed or presented at OFS Gallery.

*Artists are responsible for all costs involved in their exhibits, including creating the works.

■ What is required for entry
Prepare the following information for entry.

● An image of the work to be entered

A max. total of 4 color photographs.

Submissions of plans must be some sort of visual representation relating to the work, including a sketched image, a material photograph, or an image photograph that expresses the world of the work.

For submissions of works, upload color photographs that show the entire work, sides, details, and give an understanding of the size. A max. of 4 submissions per entry possible.

*Photos will be displayed on the website at the time of entry.

[Number of works submitted per entry]
A max. of 2 works can be submitted per entry.
*There is no limit on the number of entries. If you have many photographs per work, divide them into different entries.

Description of the work (approx. 300 characters)
*This text will be displayed on the website at the time of entry.

●Materials and techniques (where applicable)

●Size (where applicable)

*If there are web pages featuring past works, activities, brand introductions, etc., include the URL(s).

■ Selection

KIGI will judge works that have been submitted online. After this, they will work together with the commentator to select the winner.

Submission deadline : August 15 (Wed.)

Primary judgment:August 17 (Fri.)
Primary judgment done by KIGI.
After this, artists who will advance to the secondary judgment will be contacted.
Send in more detailed materials for submitted works and plans. (Fees associated with sending materials for judgment are the responsibility of the entrant.)

■Materials to submit

・Text, including an overview and the concept (must all be on one sheet of A4)
・Exhibit image or photograph (no limit on the number of submissions)
・Portfolio or history of activities that shows your past work (no limit on the number of submissions)

Secondary judgment:August 27 (Mon.)
*Secondary judgment done with guest commentator Koko Okano. Entrants who have passed the primary judgment must submit work materials by the date above.

Announcement of winners:late September

■ Entry requirements

Anyone can enter. Entry by group is possible. However, one person must enter as the group’s representative.

Recommended for the following-->
・People who want to be displayed at a gallery or have the chance to show their work
・People who want advice from experts
・People who want to take the chance to create new works

■ Awards

Grand prize:display at the OFS Gallery
The period and timing of display will be decided upon negotiation with the award winner.

Participation prize:posting to the AWRD site along with comments from the judges KIGI and the commentator Koko Okano.

*After judgment, if there were no applicants in a certain category, that category is deemed to have no award winner.
No individualized treatment is given to works with regards to judgment or selection comments.


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