Shirokane Gochome Award vol. 3 - Art category accepting entries- Accepting entries of art works and projects to present at OFS Gallery!

A total of three awards with KIGI (Ryosuke Uehara and Yoshie Watanabe) as judges. The chance to be displayed at gallery & shop “OUR FAVOURITE SHOP”! Sending the new potential of artists from Shirokane Gochome to the world!

Closed FRI, JUL 13, 2018 - WED, AUG 15, 2018

Sending the new potential of artists from Shirokane Gochome to the world!

Art work entries are accepted in the “Shirokane Gochome Award vol. 3 - Art category”.

At the OFS Gallery in OUR FAVOURITE SHOP, we regularly hold exhibitions, events, workshops, and other projects that we most want to be seen and experienced by everyone.

Entries for the award can be in any genre, including exhibits and performances, but we ask that you submit projects that can be expressed within this space (*1). In addition to works that have already been created or put on display, works that have yet to be created can also be submitted.

Works that are intended to eventually be displayed at the OFS Gallery will be selected.

Award winners will have their works displayed free of charge in the gallery for two weeks. (Regular gallery display charges are ¥50,000 per day)

Furthermore, contestants who advance to the second judgment will be posted to the AWRD site along with comments from the judges KIGI and the commentator Koko Okano.

We are looking forward to meeting all of the new artists who submit entries for this award.

*1) 50 m2, high volumes, and extreme construction are prohibited; the gallery is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Exhibition history of OFS Gallery

The gallery is a place to hold projects that portray art, design, crafts, fashion, music, and other forms of culture. Events and workshops may also be planned in accordance with exhibits.

“KYRIE” Mariko Ohya (photographer) Mariko Ohya is exhibiting the most recent two years of photographs from the series that
she has been shooting as her life’s work since making the decision to pursue photography.
OUR FAVOURITE SHOP’s “Hinamatsuri” Exhibit organizer Tsuyoshi Hisakado (artist) For our Hinamatsuri exhibition,
we invited Tsuyoshi Hisakado from Kyoto to be the guest artist. Together with the hina dolls from KIGI art director Yoshie Watanabe’s
childhood home in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Hisakado created a space based on the themes of distance and visibility.
The Bambiest “Kigi no Sukima” x KIKOF As a pre-event to the Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum's 15th anniversary event,
the Bambiest 2017 “Kigi no Sukima” project, the Bambiest’s art director Imari Suganuma (visual graphics) and
photographer sai (photography) put some of their video and photograph works on display. A short performance of video works
made through a collaboration with the “KIKOF” pottery that was produced by KIGI was shown for the limited period of one day.

*See photos and illustrations from the gallery here.

About the Shirokane Go-chome Award

We are accepting applications in three categories. They will be judged by the creative unit, KIGI made up of Ryosuke Uehara and Yoshie Watanabe. In the hopes of becoming a store loved by customers, we will be welcoming creatives who have taken part in making OFS a place for exchanging and disseminating culture and ideas. They will be participating as commentators to judge the pieces for each category,

Winners will have a chance to sell their work in stores, as well as participate in events and exhibitions. Come share OUR values and spread out from OFS (OUR FAVORITE SHOP) in Shirokane Go-chome. That is the concept for the Shirokane Go-chome award.

Shirokane Go-chome Award

vol 1. Jewelry and craft (April 23-May20)
vol 2. Food (mid-May)
vol 3. Art (early June)

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