Work From Home Hack Award

Hack ideas for working better at home.

Results SAT, MAY 02, 2020 - SUN, MAY 31, 2020

During the COVID-19 shutdown,
make your remote working time more comfortable and fun.
We're looking for your hacked #workfromhome ideas!

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 in Japan and other parts of the world, there is a trend of self-restraint and a prohibition of going outside. With so many people being forced to work from home, the #workfromhome movement is gaining traction.

As we follow the news, there doesn’t seem to be the virus converging any time soon, and it looks like many people will continue to work from home.

Today, many people who are not used to working from home are making various efforts to "work better". Some people are making their own furniture out of corrugated cardboard, or building a folding desk by DIY.

By collecting ideas for such wonderful hacks for working from home, we aim to explore the possibility of a home environment where everyone can work comfortably.

[Hack Idea Sample]

Partitions made of cardboard to make it easier for children to concentrate.
Green backdrop for a homemade video conference using off-the-shelf curtains.

Recommended for the following people

  • People who have been forced to work from home and are devising ways to do
  • People who are looking for a better way to work with caring for their children
  • People who work from home before and has a hack idea you'd like to recommend
  • People who are devising the communication unique to remote work
  • Anyone involved with Work From Home movement

Screening criteria

Discovery | Does the idea present new perspectives on issues and ways of working that are unique to working from home?

Creativity | Can you detect a creative element in the idea or solution?

Development | Is the idea technically easy to replicate? Can it be used in a variety of environments and contexts?


It doesn't matter if your work has already been published in the past or is still in the prototype stage.
Your ideas will be posted to the "Submissions" page as they are being submitted.

-If you are already putting the idea into practice

Please submit a photo of the actual use of the idea.
※Please do not put an individual’s face or identifying information on the page without explicit permission as the photos will be published on the page as is.
※If you do not want your face to be photographed, please apply a mosaic to your face using an application.
※The operation team does not process photos, etc., so please do so on your own.

-If the idea has yet to be implemented or if the idea is still in a conceptual stage

Please feel free to submit an illustration or sketch instead of a photo.


Start Entry      ---- 2nd May 2020

Deadline       ---- 31st May 2020

Result Announcement ---- Mid of June 2020

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About Future City

This award is one of the "FutureCity" projects that explore the world of After Corona and think about the challenges we need to overcome and the actions we need to take in the future. Learn more about the "FutureCity" project here.

About the Prize(s)

  • Jury Ayumi Fujimoto

  • Jury Marina Fujiwara

  • Jury Ignasi Pascual



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