You Fab 2013

Create designs of paper-made items for play, communication, or surprise!

Closed WED, MAY 15, 2013 - MON, JUL 15, 2013

“Paper” is so interesting! We are looking for new designs for "play," "communication," and "surprise," using historical and familiar materials, "paper."

"You Fab" is a global contest that seeks laser cutter ideas. In the second “You Fab 2013”, we will collect ideas from around the world under the theme of “paper”, the most familiar material in our lives.

Since the birth of paper 2000 years ago, humans have used paper to create cultures and record those cultures on paper. Fold, layer, paste, break, tear, draw, wrap, cut, print ... When you think of paper processing, you can feel the primitive "hand" movement, which is a proof that we have lived with paper long before tools were born.

In 2013, we are looking for ideas to expand the potential of paper with a long history! In addition to conventional tools such as "hands" and "scissors", the high-tech machine tool "laser cutter" is a new creative weapon. Renew the appeal of paper with a new “hand” of ideas and laser cutters.

We are recruiting in three categories: "paper toys", "paper greeting cards", and "party wear and accessories made of paper"!

In this contest, among the various relationships between paper and people, we focused on three things, "play", "communication", and "surprise", and developed "toys", "greeting cards", "party wear and accessories". We are looking for ideas using laser cutters in three categories.

Paper with a wide variety of colors and textures. It's up to you what paper you use.

Don't worry if you haven't experienced a laser cutter yet, "What is a laser cutter?" "What can you do?" Read the "What you can do with a laser cutter" below to expand your ideas.

* Fab = Manufacturing using digital machine tools such as laser cutters. Click here for details

What you can do with a laser cutter

According to the data on the computer, the material can be cut, engraved and engraved on the surface by laser light.

1. Shaving and stamping

By adjusting the laser intensity, you can change the depth of the engraving. The photo shows an example of engraving on a paper with a white front and orange back using a laser cutter to make it uneven. As you go to the logo below, you are engraving deeper.

2. Disconnect

An example of cutting paper with a laser cutter. Even for designs smaller than 1mm, they can be reproduced exactly as shown in the data. Performs dense cutting, which is impossible with scissors or electric saws.

Application method

This open call for entries will be held in an open competition format using's portfolio. Click the application procedure and follow the instructions to create and apply the design.

Organizer Loftwork Co., Ltd., FabCafe Tokyo

Sponsor: Takeo Corporation is a web store operated by Takeo Corporation, a paper trading company. Approximately 9,000 types of paper with a wide variety of textures and colors are available, and are sold from a single sheet in all paper sizes (large sheet-shaped paper and base paper distributed by paper manufacturers). We can also cut to your favorite size.

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Recruitment Target

About the Prize(s)

  • Excellence award (1 for each category)

  • Special award (1 for each category)





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