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This New Technology - The World's First Analog 3D Printer

THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY - the World’s first analog 3D printer is an ironic foil to computerized 3D printers. 3D printing allows products to be created more swiftly and efficiently however, “These products are not made by hand,” De Bruin says.
They are merely a product of popular digital 3D-printing technology. In order to rediscover the thrill of crafting something and reclaim ownership of his work, De Bruin built his own 3D machine. It is a relatively old-fashioned contraption that produces almost primitive
pottery that feels handcrafted and exudes individuality.
De Bruin's machine is powered by gravity and a system of weights. A roughly 22-pound weight when lifted. turns the machine on, and “The weight allows me to be connected with the process. Because there is no electrical power it is still I who makes the print." De Bruin