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Canari is a table lamp that transforms local air quality data into light patterns. It draws its inspiration from the canary, a bird that was the coal miners companion and alerted them when the air was contaminated.

Canari was created by Brussels-based designer Guillaume Slizewicz. The lamp is made of brass, glass, and custom 3D-printed parts and includes a microcontroller connected to real-time open data on pollution that controls 7 LEDs. Once connected to the internet, the lamp will fetch data from public API to determine the air quality (PM2.5 and PM10). The LEDs are dimmed according to local air pollution measures available on citizen science sites such as or The project was released under a Creative Common License, and tutorials on building and connecting the lamp can be found online.

The Kikk Festival supports this project through its edutainment program. A program that gathers academics, designers and companies around a theme related to science.