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Taipei 101 Sky Park

Taipei 101, the tallest building in Taiwan is a vertical living community. According to statistics, there are approximately 13,000 employees entering and leaving Taipei 101 every day. The challenge was to design a comfortable interior space for the 35th floor of the building for its tenants to relish.
In order to provide the occupants with better services and convenience, there are two major considerations in the planning of Sky Park, one is safety control, and the other one is to improve the living functions of the tenants. Previously, there were many restaurants and tourists on the 35th floor, and it was hard to control the flow of people. In order to allow tenants to have a more private and secluded space to rest, the building safety was the first consideration. Re-planned and built to provide convenience, services such as coffee, 7-11, laundry, and telecom operators were introduced.


Isometric biew of the 35th floor

Sky Lounge

Sky Room

Sky Room & Sky Corner


Sky Services

Sky Services & Sky Lounge

Modular and movable choices

Product as a service