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Eco-Friendly and Profitable Auto Recycling System

There are more than 1.3 billion cars in the world, of which about 30% are Japanese cars. In Japan, 3.3 million end-of-life vehicles are generated every year, while more than 1 million used vehicles are exported to developing countries every year, many of which lack recycling infrastructure and cause environmental pollution.
With 52 years of experience in dismantling and sorting end-of-life vehicles, we have developed an international quality standard (British Standard Institution, PAS777) to ensure that reusable parts can be purchased with confidence.
Furthermore, in the spirit of cooperation rather than competition, we have formed alliances with about 70 companies in the vehicle recycling industry throughout Japan to contribute to improving the profitability and added value of the entire industry. Furthermore, through the establishment of the International Recycling Education Centre (IREC), we have provided vehicle recycling training to about 200 trainees from around the world. We are responsible for the implementation of the circular economy through vehicle recycling.