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Voz Pública / Public Voice

Participatory art piece that seeks to amplify de protest against gender violence in the urban context of Latin America. The project is made up of three parts working together: First, an online participation platform (, where personal stories of gender violence are shared, in a textual and anonymous way. The second part is an electronic textile that "give voice and amplifies" this stories through a voice synthesizer, giving them physical presence in the public space. And finally, a series of Laboratories called "The Textile Rebellion" that seek conviviality and reflection, as well as the collective creation and activation of these electronic textiles through performative actions in the streets.
From a commitment to creative activism, Voz Pública is inserted in the context of feminist protest and struggle with the intention of being a ‘voicing and amplifying’ mechanism, as a form of denunciation and collective demand to recover our right to the city.