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The Embassy of Aliens_A diplomacy initiative to develop the reimagining of aliens

Without any scientifically confirmed discoveries to go on, what aliens look like, and the often violent and exploitative behavior and intentions that pop culture ascribes to them, are entirely products of our own imagination. Aliens come from inside ourselves. The Embassy of Aliens is a diplomacy initiative to develop and promote intragalactic tools through which to develop a reimagining of aliens. The first tool to be launched is a musical instrument that facilitates communication between humans and their inner alien. The project hopes to challenge the way we think about the stereotypes, stigmas, and borders we project onto others, societies and worlds.

A musical instrument to facilitate communication between humans and their inner aliens

The overview of the Embassy of Aliens

The brainwave headset that translates the human imagination of aliens into real-time music

The Embassy of Aliens that negotiates the ideological borders between intra- and extra-terrestrial worlds