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All-inclusive bag

「All-inclusive bag(オールインクルーシブバック)」、それは多様な人も、地球環境も共に考慮されたオールインクルーシブな社会を実現するために誕生しました。




The "All-inclusive bag" was created to realize an all-inclusive society that takes into consideration both diverse people and the global environment.

We aim to develop items that realize an extended circularity that we ourselves can believe in, by practicing an inclusive design method that involves those who have not been able to participate in the circulation from the planning stage, and by making the production background more transparent and complete within the same region to create circulating clothes that reduce the environmental burden as much as possible. We aim to develop items that realize extended circularity that we ourselves can accept.

And we think that most of the "sustainability" currently being touted in the fashion industry is limited to the improvement of one part of the supply chain, such as materials or collection systems.

So, We believe that it is important to realize a supply chain that is not only more environmentally friendly, but also protects the human rights of stakeholders, and that the more it produces, the better it becomes for society and the planet. And in order to enable the participation of a wider range of people in this cycle, we are committed to creating something that is not just for a few people with a high level of awareness, but for a diverse range of people to be involved in.