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Rug collection Lutetia and Juno

Rug collection 'Lutetia' and 'Juno' are part of the 'Ignorance is Bliss' brand by Agne Kucerenkaite. Rugs are coloured using upcycled textile dyes that originate from botanical and metal waste and by-products. Commercial textile dyeing causes a significant amount of environmental and health problems due to the chemicals used in the process whereas natural dyeing is rarely employed on an industrial scale. Drinking water supply and agriculture industries are the main waste suppliers for the collection. 'Ignorance is Bliss' rugs are designed with great detail and handtufted by skilled, craft-minded manufacturers.

Rug collection 'Lutetia' and 'Juno'

Rug 'Lutetia' fragment

Rug 'Juno' fragment

Rug 'Lutetia' fragment