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Trash to Treasure - Super Container Mask

Upon research, we realize that there is no serious problem with the current mask design from surgical to N95 other than discomfort, sometimes not a perfect fit to a certain percentage of faces but it still functions well. The biggest problem faced by the community & healthcare during a pandemic such as COVID-19, is the shortage of supplies due to massive surge of the need of mask globally. This caused mask factory unable to cope with the quantity required daily with the high volume required by the community & healthcare sector.

The key purpose of wearing a mask within the community is to prevent further spread of the virus e.g asymptomatic carrier to others, therefore the idea is to use simple things that we could find at home easily to build one basic mask that is sufficient to contain the virus & to prevent transmission to others when going out. One of the compiling items we have at home nowadays are take-out food containers, due to the need to stay at home the take-out containers has also been increase in usage creating much waste. The take out container structure is suitable to be used as a facemask with some minor modifications, without the need of 3D printing or manufacturing a new structure, thus we can speed up the process of having a basic mask and allow the healthcare professional to utilize professional masks.

This design can be reuse multiple times and only need to securely throw away the "filters", can be easily clean & sanitize depending on the type of containers available within user's reach.
This design also allow fabrications space to apply modifications features to existing containers which includes milling, or even laser cutting the containers to suitable shapes that allows more comfort for the user, while 3D printings should be reserve for things that are more complicated such as ventilators etc. Besides that, it will put trash that we have created to be fully utilize and to be recycled for good purpose.

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