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Mask Design Challenge by FabCafe Global

Design the mask of the future with FabCafe Global.

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TUE, MAR 17, 2020 - THU, APR 09, 2020

Design the mask of the future with FabCafe Global

Protests, bushfires, disease – these recent major events around the world have cemented the face mask’s status as a daily necessity and a valuable commodity. This year’s outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease has seen an even greater demand for surgical face masks, leading to skyrocketing prices in major cities and mass shortages, even in hospitals. In the face of a changing world and its looming challenges, FabCafe Global hopes to gather ideas and design solutions from creators around the world. Building on FabCafe Bangkok’s AirHack event from 2019, which sought to address air pollution through innovation, we are calling for entries for innovative mask designs in this new competition.

Hackathons and workshops will be hosted at various FabCafe locations around the world, subscribe here to get the latest updates.

What are we looking for?

From the extremely functional to artistically stylish, we welcome all types of product design ideas. The submitting works can be a completed prototype – or even something as simple as a sketch on paper.

Think daily mask usage under extreme PM2.5 or COVID-19 conditions, or helping people to beat the heat while wearing masks for long hours, or injecting more friendly and positive energy during hard times.

Take inspiration from designers in Hong Kong, who have made respirators more functional for everyday wear by adding a surgical mask adapter.

As the outbreak continues, the mask has become an everyday necessity. How do we incorporate fashion and style into mask designs to adapt to this change?

We’re not just after technical designs; judges would also like to see something with more of a trendy flair, like these patterned face masks.

Submission Criteria

We will be screening submissions based on the following:

Designer Statement:
Please make a statement about your work that highlights the core concept of your idea.

We will be looking at the creative elements of the design, especially any new perspectives the world has yet to see.


We will be looking at the usability and technicality of the design, asking questions such as: How is it used? Does it really protect the user and function as it is intended to? How do we clean or dispose of it?(※The masks for which this award is solicited do not take the medical part into account.)

Even a simple sketch is acceptable to submit

Who Should Apply?

Product designers, design students and anyone who likes DIY or innovative things

Winning Prizes

The winning works will be exhibited at FabCafe Tokyo and featured on all FabCafe global media networks.

  • General Prize 100000yen (Multiple Winners)
  • FabCafe Prize(Single Winner)
FabCafe Tokyo


*About the Visual:

The visual design of this campaign has been helmed by renowned Thai artist Kantapon Metheekul, otherwise known as Gongkan. Based in both Bangkok and New York, his minimalist-style illustrations are inspired by everyday life, fashion and people’s relationships.





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