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Nature as a guide

This is not a functional but an artistic approximation to a mask.

The inspiration to do it it cames from nature, from the Barn Owl. It's a creature with a keen observation an extraordinary vision, even with a low light conditions it's able to see he's prey. Maybe that's one of the reaons why it is often recognized as a wise observer and associated with a knowledge and good judgment. With a halo of mystery around him, the owl it's also related to the change and transition.

In this period of break and unknown, it seemed appropriate to bring some natural awareness to ourselves. Be able to keep calm, observe and be ready to the change of paradigm that seems to came.

The technique used to create it comes from millinery. The base of the mask starts with a long straw tape. Instad of sewing it with a shape of a summer hat, in this occasion, I sew two separate discks with a hole for an eye that were attached latter and give them the shape of the mask with the use of a mold and a hat hardener. It's a clean and simple shape made with natural material.

Once I finish the mask, I realize, that somehow it also reminds me to Gaudi's smokestacks from La Pedrera. A modernist building from Barcelona that it's so present in my visual imagery.