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Chess Battle

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that we cannot rely solely on schools to provide education. We must allow students to learn in any location through various non-traditional means, to ensure that the learning potential for the individual student is fully explored.

Learning through games is a great way to start! Some games are more educational than other games, but we can learn something from all games. That is because a game, in order to be a game, must contain some level of challenge that requires training of certain skills. Social games require social skills like empathy, communication and collaboration. Mental games require mental skills like problem solving, memory and concentration. Physical games require physical skills like endurance, strength and agility. In addition, there are so-called educational games which are specifically designed to bring educational value within a defined topic.

Chess Battle is a game created mostly for the purpose of enjoyment. However, as a highly strategic game based on negotiations among players, it can teach many essential life skills.

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