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Bang It Out

Safe sex and sexuality are taboo topics in many cultures. Traditional sex education leave us wanting more - the subject becomes the source of jokes when it should be opening doors for open communication. Left to the information available in popular media and on the Internet about sex, youths today may have to navigate the negative consequences such STDs, unplanned pregnancies, mental health issues, and even gender-based violence. When done right, sex should be safe and fun - why not teach and celebrate safe sex with a game?

The game is designed for teenagers and early tweens who are going / have already gone through puberty and thinking about sex, which is an appropriate time to gain literacy on this topic. Many teenagers consume pornography or other material that distorts their perception of what a healthy sexual relationship looks like. “Bang it out” is an antidote to this status quo, a game which allows teenagers to discuss sexual topics in their lives in a light-hearted, fun way.

“Bang it out” is a card game with one simple rule: to win the game, a player must avoid drawing the “lose” card. The deck contains three types of cards. “Action” cards portray fun, desirable sexual habits, which forces others to draw “FOMO” cards, or Fear of Missing Out. “FOMO” cards portray possible reasons why one will no longer be having sex, which immediately puts the player out of the game. Unless they can counter it with “Safety” card which reflects safe, healthy, sex practices.

The mechanics of the game make players balance between sexual desires and safe sex practices (like in real life). The game itself is an analogue to the types of interactions the players could face in their personal exploration of sex in adulthood.