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On-the-go Gardening

Members: Midori Yamazaki (Facilitator), Hiroyuki Koshikawa, Eden Andrews, Ryosuke Tanaka
Team Name: Go be great

Challenge: How might we construct community hubs that have quality holistic organic green areas while also generating energy for the community?

Solution idea: People in Tokyo want to do gardening but they do not have space and time and schedule consistency. Now they can! We will make gardening spots in common touch points in everyday life. With the help of technology, and sponsorship by business establishments, we can set-up a system that will make it possible to tell us if the plant is sufficiently watered and taken cafe of.

People can upload picture with beautiful plant with #onthegogarden hashtag. Business establishments sponsoring to #onthegogarden experiment can also make advertisement for free or receive money from government.

The result is that the city is more beautiful, it lightens up the atmosphere and over-all mood.

With the On-the-go Gardening concept, aside from integrating nature-based designs in the city to increase the green spaces, we can also give opportunity to people to do sporadic gardening to uplift the city's overall mood and atmosphere.