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Ethical Fashion Show in Tokyo featuring NatureRate

Team name: Team Wildlings
Team members: Takeshi Sakamoto (Facilitator), Ranna Ogawa, Rin Amano, Kana Tajima

How might we transform Tokyo into a city full of nature and empowered regenerative people who can take "regenerative" actions?

Solution idea:
As a cosmopolitan city, Tokyo is a fashion hub and trend-setting metropolis. However, consumers in Tokyo lack the resources to judge whether their fashion is sustainable and ethically sourced.

NatureRate is an App for regenerative practitioners where users can scan barcodes to measure the degree of their contribution to a regenerative model by what they wear. In order to popularize the app, we aim to implement an ethical fashion show in the heart of Tokyo to gain a larger audience. After scanning the barcode, the NatureRate App shows the picture of the item, it's Nature rate, and the details of how it is regenerative/sustainable. Our team was inspired by the "radical transparency" practices of the existing brand, Everlane, which discuss not only the carbon footprint or how the material is made from recycled polyester or natural fibers, but also addresses ethical issues from the perspective of choosing which factory to work with.

At the Ethical Fashion Show, held at Meiji Jingu (Shrine) in the fashion district of Tokyo known as Harajuku, our team will highlight fashion made from newly generated biodegradable materials that were produced from waste generated during garment production and material produced used bio-technology. People can purchase fashion items at the Ethical Fashion Show, scan items to find out their NatureRate and become empowered to become consumers who actively support a regenerative economy.