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"Day of the Ox" Advent Calendar for Japanese eel conservation (新しい土用の丑の日 アドベントカレンダー)

Team name : Team E

Members : Noriko Hino [Facilitator]
Mao Ishikawa
Sayano Kitamura
Yutaro Amikura
Sakuzan Masuda
Hina Maeda

Challenge : How can we preserve the eel's habitat and its ecosystem while preserving our Japanese culture?

Let's create a new Doyo no Ushi Day!*

*“Doyo-no Ushi-no Hi (土用丑の日)” is the ox day during the Doyo(土用) period, and this Summer, July 28th is the “Doyo-no Ushi-no Hi”. Japanese people tend to associate the “Doyo-no Ushi-no Hi (土用の丑の日), especially in Summer with eating eels.

We propose to create an advent calendar for the Doyo no Ushi Day to approach the decline of unagi, environmental issues, food loss issues, and cultural aspects.

Our Trigger
When we learned that Japanese eels were being overfished, we decided that we wanted to protect them. One reason they are being overfished is because in Japan, we have a culture tradition where eels are eaten as a way to celebrate the Day of the Ox. We were surprised to learn that some of the overfished eels are caught by poachers and that we may be eating these insustainably poached eels. We also felt that the disappearance of eels, which stand at the top of the ecological pyramid, may have an impact on the overall ecosystem.

We wondered, is it possible to maintain the ecosystem, in particular, the place where Japanese eels live, while preserving our cultural traditions?

What can we do?
We are going to make an ""advent calendar"" around the Day of the Ox seasion and put engaging information and other small snacks, and gifts inside!

Some examples:
1) Make an advent calendar and put information and objects inside.
-Marine pollution from plastic waste and changes in the eel's growing environment due to global warming
-Alternative recipes for eel
-Eel accessories, such as magnets
-Eel snacks (eel pie, kabayaki-san, etc.)
-Post URLs of videos of eel growth process.

As an additional function, on the first day of the advent calendar, we can include the requirements and conditions to enter the Japanese eel contest to connect all the users of the Day of the Ox advent calendar. On the last day of the advent calendar, we plan to highlight knowledge that will make people aware of environmental problems, and examples of actions they can take to solve them.

About the Japanese eel contest
Goal: Raise awareness of eel issues and environmental problems
Ask participants to make an eel kabayaki-style menu without using eel.
Parents and children can join, or as a ""family club"", or people can join just as free research!
The reason why we are doing this event is to make the buyers aware of the issues by telling them about the current situation of environmental problems and overfishing together.

Questions and things to think about:
Price setting
How many people normally buy eel during the Day of the Ox seasion?
How many people will buy or contribute to our project??

If the eel advent calendar is successful, we would like to apply it to other living things and traditional annual holidays.
The excitement of opening the advent calendar every day we hope will shift the interest to the interest in environmental issues.
We hope to expand the circle of awareness by getting the cooperation of companies that are working for eel conservation, such as eel snack manufacturers and Aeon

Environmental problems cannot be solved by one person, so let everyone know about the current situation and get as many people as possible to take action to solve them!