10,000 Creators Meet PASS THE BATON: Rakuda cloth

Seeking design ideas for a new product that uses rakuda cloth.

Reports MON, JUN 03, 2013 - SAT, AUG 03, 2013

Call for entries: New product design that uses rakuda cloth

“Rakuda fabric” has a strong image as a cold underwear for the elderly, such as “camel peach” and “camel shirt”. In fact, it is a fabric that combines Japan's manufacturing technologies with outstanding touch and heat retention. However, “camel underwear”, which is often considered “cool”, is not seen by young people.

The theme for this new recycling product is a “tubular” end piece that is about 47-59cm x about 55-59cm. We are looking for product ideas and design images that make use of the texture, shape, and warmth of materials in an open competition format *.

The material is provided by “”. It is a popular brand that transforms Steco with the image of “old” and “cool” into fashionable fashion items through collaboration with graphical patterns and creators.

We look forward to unique and “warm” ideas that change the image of “camel dough” by 180 degrees!

Requirements and tips for making designs

1) What is camel dough?

Camel cloth has long been used as a material for underwear, such as “Momohi” and “Shirt”, to prevent the cold in winter. The theme camel camel fabric is a gem made by combining Japanese manufacturing techniques to pursue comfort and warmth. We manufacture underwear by linking the high processing technologies of factories in Aichi, Wakayama and Mie.

2) Characteristics of mill ends

Shape: tubular. The back side is brushed for a softer feel. A “seam” for joining the fabric and the fabric enters at one random position. Size: approx. 47-59cm (vertical) x approx. 55-59cm (horizontal) Material: 100% acrylic

3) End material color

8 colors

4) Idea example

A neck warmer that can be worn in a tubular shape.

Sew together multiple end materials into a blanket.

Utilizing the tubular shape and warm materials, the tank top as a room wear.

5) interview

For those who want to know the “tips” that change the attractiveness, secrets, and design of “camel fabric”, you can find out about the “” founder who provided materials for this project. Please have a look at his interview!

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The world's first with the theme of "Recovering Steteco Culture and New Creation"

A fashion brand by the Institute for Steteco. Steco is a crepe (clothing) fabric that has a sweat-absorbing and cool feel, and is an underwear that matches the high-temperature and humid Japanese climate. It is comfortable to wear under a suit or jeans, and even a single piece of steteco can be worn as summer relaxation wear. offers unique colors and patterns of steteco and proposes fashion items in collaboration with various creators.

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About this project

“10,000 Creators Meet PASS THE BATON” is a project which examines sustainable creation and is being conducted through a collaboration between the “PASS THE BATON” select thrift store and “”. The project aims to make attractive products out of used goods and inventory from various manufacturers, and is being conducted under the concept of “NEW RECYCLE”.

Through four projects, we are holding an online contest for design ideas for changing grade B products and dead stock into “nice products”. We aim to produce the products for real through a collaboration between PASS THE BATON and art directors.

*We are using an open format competition in which submitted designs will be published in real time.

Person who chooses design

Ryosuke Uehara, Yoshie Watanabe Creative Director, Art Director

Masamichi Toyama President of Smiles Co., Ltd.

Chiaki Hayashi Loftwork Co., Ltd.

Application overview

Application details Design image of new product using camel dough

Recruitment period June 3rd-August 3rd until 24:00 * There was an error in the display of the recruitment period. The correct date is until August 3rd.

Number of selected works

Recruitment benefits

1. Commercialization of adopted designs

2. Actual product several points (varies each time)

3. Collaborative experience for commercialization with art director and PASS THE BATON


Masamichi Toyama (Smiles Co., Ltd.) Ryosuke Uehara, Yoshie Watanabe (Kigi Co., Ltd.) Chiaki Hayashi (Loftwork Co., Ltd.)

Qualification requirements

Anyone can join. ( account is required. Registration and usage fee are free)

Application method

After reading "Background and Challenges", create a design image and concept using the default application format.


Smiles Inc., Loftwork Inc.

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"10,000 creators meet PASS THE BATON" is a 2013 collaborative upcycling project by select recycle shop "PASS THE BATON" and Loftwork which gives the inventory and used items of various manufacturers a second life as more appealing products under the concept of "NEW RECYCLE."

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